Friday, October 17, 2008

Her depresssion

My mother is depressed, and has been for the past couple of days. I can tell by her lack of energy to cook dinner when I get home from work. Also she frets constantly about all the 'projects' she is facing and can't seem to get done. Which is kind of hard to listen to as she is retired and usually sitting in front of the tv when I get home.

However she is 84 years old and the primary caregiver for my dad who is 85 and has Parkinson's disease. Her life has been turned upside down over the past few years and now all she sees as her life is watching over my father.

Dad loves mom dearly, but they have 61 years of habits and built-in responses to each in their daily dance.
But she is lost I think and needs some kind of focus to give her life meaning. Maybe that is why she needs to be 'busy' and occupied with worrying about stuff.

I love them both and am very glad I'm here, don't get me wrong. But sometimes it is so hard to see my father fumble when trying to button his sweater, or take three tries to push himself out of the chair.
This aging business can really suck I think.
More tomorrow.