Monday, September 22, 2008

End of a working vacation

I'm in the Sonic restaurant here in New Orleans airport, waiting for my flight to Minneapolis, then home to Corvallis.
I just finished photographing a wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama. The Beach Club in Gulf Shores is fantastic. Perfect fine white sands and gorgeous sunsets. I think the Gulf coast must be nice except for the occasional hurricane or two.
Had lots of fun at the wedding, and many long treks on the beach by myself. Growing up with the Pacific Ocean as my only reference point makes the warm blue water of the gulf that much more inviting.

No caregiving, cooking or cleaning took place for me since last Tuesday. I can hardly believe that I'm returning to my life tonight.
I'll be posting photos later if I can figure out how to add them here. Also I want to write more on the southern way of living - it may sound laid back - but it most certainly is NOT!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Living with a tired brain

here i am thinking that there might be something useful to write, when in reality my brain is too tired to compose much of anything.
But this is a start.

I've been here with my parents now for just about 11 months and every day it gets a little bit harder. My dad has Parkinsons Disease, but he is doing okay. He can still take care of himself for the most part. We had to take away his driving priviledges a few months back, but he seems to have adjusted.
My mother on the other hand is tired, angry and not a little depressed with the hand life has dealt her. Listening to her weep with sadness the other day in the doctor's office just about broke my heart. She is losing so much at 84 - and is fully aware of her dwindling mental capacity.

The three of us take it day by day.