Monday, January 5, 2009

Losing words

I think one of the most difficult part of being with my parents age is watching them struggle to do now what was normal a year ago. Mom has a hard time finding the words in a sentence and it upsets her. Yesterday she wanted to tell me something and couldn't remember her brother's name! Now that is scary. But at least she could say to me as she was searching, "WHAT is my brother's name!?" I felt awful for her.
About 2 weeks ago she ran out of Aricept. When she submitted the prescription to the pharmacy she was told that the new insurance company would not approve a renewal. Now she needs to get a new prescription from her doctor (and a new diagnosis as well) in order to get a new prescription. Of course the doctor was out of the office all this time and no one could do anything.
So her memory is falling apart bit by bit. I hope that it will start to come back when she can start taking it again.
She is beginning to tell me things a second time. There is no problem with that, except that I'm usually there when it happened, so I know already. I'm learning to just respond as though it was the first time I heard it.
Back to work today - I'm looking forward to being out of the house and thinking of something else. It sounds selfish I know, but right now it is so needed for my mental health!