Friday, January 15, 2010

breaking buildings and breaking hearts...

I'm on a self-prescribed retreat at the Oregon coast. I am in heaven.
I left work early and got here by 4pm. The weather is very stormy and grey. ahhh the Oregon coast in January.
I'm staying at a hotel located directly across the street from the beach house my aunt owned for so many years, until she passed away and it somehow got away from the family.
I went for a short walk on the beach when I got here. The weather was grey and rainy with rain blowing in my face. The beach still held so many memories of the summer I spent here when I was 13 years old.
I don't have to keep to a schedule, or talk to anyone if I prefer, except I'm watching the news on CNN and MSNBC to see all coverage on the devasting earthquake in Haiti. I'm grateful to be here in the quiet and on my own, yet my heart breaks for the people in Haiti.
I hope to spend the weekend re-acquainting myself with my Canon 40D.  It has been so long since I even picked it up that I can hardly remember how to use it.
I need to get back to my art. still I took my point and shoot out on the beach and played around. The place where I'm staying is on the left.

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