Friday, April 8, 2011

2011 a new year

The last time I posted was a year ago. So much happened in 2010 that I don't know exactly where to start, but I will attempt to just list things, then maybe I'll be better about this year. When I started this blog I thought it would be a way to keep my family members up to date on my parents. So much for that idea. :-)

2010: Spent a GREAT amount of money on caregivers coming to the house to be with mom and dad while I was at work.  It was expensive, but worth it. However I still had to get over my shock at having to help my dad in the bathroom and shower. Actually we both had to get over our unease. And we did. Dad is a trooper.
Then my wonderful brother announced that he was leaving the priesthood after 35 years. WOW. The following Sunday I took my parents to Portland for his last mass. It was a beautiful, moving, sad, bittersweet, happy day for all. My dad loved every minute of it. End of April saw us all moving them into the Corvallis Caring Place (Assisted Living) where they are now.
Dad has been up and down with our struggle to keep him hydrated.  He was in and out of the hospital last summer and even spent 5 weeks at a rehab place. That was a mistake. Dehydration is our biggest challenge with him. But when he gets enough fluids, he has more energy and is awake and will walk MUCH better.  Why can't the doctors see this? Why can't I see it? I was so afraid he'd had a stroke, when he just needed to be fed and watered. sigh.
Mom has struggled with the Caring Place. I don't think it is quite what she expected. Her memory went downhill also as has her spirits. They get pretty good care there, but there is nothing for her bitterness and disappointment with life.
When mom and dad moved out I stayed here in the house and spent the rest of the year trying to make it my home, but still keep much of mom and dad's presence. So far I think I've succeeded.
Thanks to my dear friend Cheryl, I've learned how to lay laminate flooring and now two bedrooms that were filled with stained carpet are now clean floors.
Tom and Tia were married in November and it was the first time in years that all my brothers and sisters were together.

My brother Bruce passed away 3 years ago, but his widow, my sister in law was with us. I'm so very glad she came! 
The Farley bunch November 2010

The Farley bunch plus!

The Farley bunch with new addition (and Charlie!)

The year ended with me flat on the couch sick for a whole week. But with that I got to watch the complete first season of Modern Family and Glee.
In the middle of all of this, my youngest son Jake graduated from St. Olaf (I got to be there by webcast) and my oldest son Will spent the summer in England. I miss them both and am so grateful that they are my sons.
I started working mostly from home in December and found it is okay. A little isolating, but I look out the back window at a bird feeder and watched winter go by.
That about sums up 2010. Lots of changes both good and sad, but always always interesting...
Some kind of life eh?

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